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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tacos para Mexico... (or a failed president)

Quite a fishy bag...

The starting point for this bag was the fabrication of a trip to the fish shop to entertain the smaller boy, and a very clear request from the bigger boy to eat fried squid for dinner. So off to Hasymar on Rue Malibran we went. As well as the squid, we bought a variety of different small fish (including red gurnard, on which see Monsters in Megeve, from back in 2011). Stopping off at the greengrocer next door, we picked up some coriander and mint, tomatoes, harissa and a mango, and added a jar of tomato flesh and some polenta from the cupboard at home. I’m thinking bouillabaisse, and am intrigued to see what Henrik will do with the polenta – I have never really liked it, either home-cooked or in the nicest slow-food restaurants in Italy. Will he be able to convert me to the cause? Game on, Henrik!