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Monday, January 16, 2017

Oscar the Octopus and a Seventies classic

Oscar and his Companions

This is now slightly in the wrong order, as I have not yet writen up on my Bag from Florence that Hazel gave me last Sunday, but I'm sure you can forgive this faux pas. So instead of attacking the keyboard, I ventured out in the Brussels Sunday morning rain to find a suitable challenge. It was quite clear to me that it would have to be something from the sea so I went to the good fishmonger (the one that doesn't smell of fish) and saw something that could even beat certain politicians when it comes to... The fishmonger said his name was Oscar, so here you go Hazel, Oscar is yours!

My first thought on seeing this bag of food, and in particular Oscar, was of relief that he (or she) was at least dead. This is not a given, as those who have read this blog before will know (have a look at "Who Killed Lenny the Lobster", from way back in 2012). My second thought was "what on earth are those root vegetables?" And my third thought was a fond one of pineapple upside down cake, and whether we had any custard powder in the back of a cupboard (we didn't).