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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A cardinal sin (don't tell Isabella Lövin)

I fear I have made a terrible faux-pas - when I went to the fishmonger I made a mental note not to buy the cod or the mackerel (lovely though they looked) in the interests of fisheries conservation and all that. I was very pleased to see eel, on the other hand, and bought a big chunk, along with some little squid. Only when I got home did Him Indoors, filled with Fisheries Committee fervour, tell me that I'd bought the marine equivalent of a baby panda. Anyway, hope it tastes good, at least. To help it along the way, I picked up some silver onions, globe courgettes, peas, spinach, flat-leaf parsley, mango and kiwi fruit. Happy cooking, Henrik!

I did get the fear when I saw that Hazel had bought eel. It is on the brink of collapse