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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Immaculate conception via a blonde in a broom cupboard

This bag started in Valenciennes where Magnus and I had gone to buy insulation for the house we are renovating. The house is too big, which means too much renovation, and in its turn too much new insulation. Buying too much insulation takes time, so Magnus (and I) got hungry. Luckily there was a Carrefour nearby so we went there and bought a fried chicken – Magnus ate a leg, and I the rest, I'm afraid. My defence is that I did buy a lot of insulation. As well as fried chicken, they were touting pork belly that looked so nice I could not resist it. I later added galang, chillis, sweet basil, purple glutinous rice, dried shiitake mushrooms, green mango, dragon fruit, coconut milk, ginkgo beans and some caramelised kumquats. Good luck, darling!

Thanks to Prince Harry, when I saw the slice of pork belly in this week's bag of food,