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Friday, March 30, 2012

A mighty fine slice of pie

This particular bag of food took a couple of days to assemble given a rather more expanded guest list than I'd anticipated. I originally bought pigeon as a bit of a challenge: they looked quite small, so I bought 2—one each, I thought. I added plenty of vegetables—pumpkin, celeriac, oyster mushrooms - some blush pears, a box of physalis and some goats cheese. However, 2 pigeons do not a dinner for 6 make, and I made a hasty trip the next day to Rue Malibran and picked up some fresh mackerel and some strawberries (not necessarily to be eaten together…). 

My parents used to make eating pigeon (or pheasant, or any kind of game, in fact) fun by getting my sister and I to compete to see who could find the most lead shot in the meat. I'm guessing Delhaize pigeons don't lend themselves to that kind of game, though, so I hope Henrik can bring some other equivalent bit of excitement to the cooking. Let's see how he does!

Monday, March 5, 2012

For duck's sake...

After the last bag Hazel gave me, I seriously planned to give her an only meat bag. But maybe that would be a bit too male. After a while, I found the obvious compromise between a male and female diet—a cannette or a lady duck. I also bought cranberries, passion fruit, leek, portabello mushroom and chicon. I’ll leave you to decide the gender of the fruit and veg. Good luck, darling!