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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Never trust a mockney geezer

I remembered quite late on the Sunday afternoon that I had promised Hazel a bag. In Sweden or UK—where supermarkets are open all the time—this would not have been such an issue, but in Brussels the Sunday is still an honored non-shopping day. This would normally have meant a tour to the Moroccan merchants on Rue Malibran for a nice piece of lamb. Now, maybe because this is what Hazel would have done, I went to the Delhaize on Chausse d’Ixelles instead and to make proper distance to and Moroccan lamb, I bought pork chops, and aubergine, anchovies, figs and fennel. Good luck, darling!

Monday, January 16, 2012

This was not a bag...

.... or at least not a bag in the usual sense. My parents' neighbour in Scotland, Mike Smith, farms organic beef on his hill farm, and had picked out a choice four kilo rib of home produced beef for us as a Christmas present. Henrik's challenge, while we were in Scotland for New Year, was to cook the beef and serve it up to probably his most critical audience yet - Mike himself, his family, and my similarly firmly opinionated (at least as far as the cooking of beef is concerned) family. Henrik placed an order for some shallots and some mushrooms to go with it, and otherwise would have the run of my mother's kitchen and store-cupboard to work his magic. With a firm instruction not to scandalise the diners with anything too rare, I shut the door to the kitchen and wished him well. Good luck, √§lskling!