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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A dollop of scallops

I have given Hazel quite some sturdy things to cook in the past, although maybe the smoked goat she once gave me is still top of the league (which reminds me that I have not yet taken revenge for that... I must do that soon, but don't tell Hazel). This time I found some lovely scallops in the super market (even a normal super market on a Sunday evening is quite civilised here in Brussels). For the rest, I kept it green, or white as the cheese, or purple as the plums, but they can go as green too. Good luck, darling!

I was, I must say, rather apprehensive about the scallops. Him Indoors is relentlessly
critical of badly cooked scallops and I feared I'd fall squarely into one of the many traps. So,  I decided to ignore them for the time being, and started on a lettuce soup, which would be flavoured with the parsley and cress. I was aiming for a bright green to indicate the amount of vitamins and general goodness. We had some ready made puff pastry in the fridge, so I made some parmesan twists to go along with the soup and lessen the overall healthiness.

While looking for a recipe for lettuce soup (which I never found in the end), I had also found a nice sounding River Cafe recipe for scallops with sage, capers and lemon. We had some capers in the fridge, a huge sage plant in the garden, and some lemons lurking in the fruit bowl, so we were fully equipped. Also in the fridge was the remainder of a pumpkin which Henrik had bought last week (have you ever tried to use the entirety of a pumpkin? More difficult than it sounds). I chopped the pumpkin into small cubes and fried them with nutmeg and cumin to go with the scallops and add a bit of colour. I followed the recipe to the letter for the scallops: 2 minutes on each side, sage and capers into the pan after turning. Result: not bad, although the pan should have been even hotter for even more goldenness, I think. 

Dessert: the link to the actual bag of food got rather tenuous here, I must admit. The link, and quite lovely it was too, was a passion fruit coulis. The rest of it was the remainder of the puff pastry, cut into squares, some whipped cream, some raspberries, and some icing sugar to dust over the top. Not quite haute cuisine, I have to admit, but just what the doctor ordered for a dark Sunday evening. 

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