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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Faster than a ray of light (or, alternatively, I wish I could shimmy like my sister skate)

This is, believe it or not, our first bag in December. Ten days ago, Carl-Albert and Robert made a much acclaimed guest appearance, but last time one of us cooked was end of November. So, I went to the supermarket and bought a six-kilo turkey. Swedes celebrate Christmas on the 24th eating a whole pig. I will cook one for anyone who is hungry that day. Hazel will cook a turkey the day after in the good British tradition. I picked the turkey up because Hazel had asked me to find one, and the idea of making it the bag of food was born on the way to the tills. It seemed like a brilliant idea to replace the normal rainbow of fruit and vegetables with this huge greyish pink carcass. Then I thought about the time it would take Hazel to cook it and the fact that we would have to eat the leftovers until it was time to cook a turkey again on Christmas day, so I went back and got ray, nashi pear, dragon fruit, chicon rouge, chillies and galangal and decided to try telepathy. If I focused hard on the turkey when giving Hazel the bag, maybe I could get her to make it into a Christmas lunch.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Slow boat to China

This is the first guest star appearance on the blog, but not the last, we hope. We had been talking making a mystery box cooking event with our friends Carl-Albert and Robert for a while and we had finally decided on last Wednesday. I (Henrik) did most of the shopping. The bag contained pork belly, chinchard (which I think is horse mackerel), chicken livers, razor clams, boudin noir, cabbage, parsnip, round zucchini, brussel sprout, samphire, beet root sprout, water cress, mandarines, shimeji mushroom and some ginger. I had though combining the fish and the chicken livers for a starter and a the pork and the razor clams for a main and maybe make an amuse bouche out of the the black pudding, which was a la speculoos, with samphire and a soy butter sauce, but the boys had better thoughts. As we were happily drinking away at the table (Daniel, Martina, Viktor and Kate joined us) like in the best TV cooking show, Robert and Carl-Albert were handing out delicious plates from the kitchen as just slightly less red-cheeked and voluptuous versions of Nigella Lawson...