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Monday, November 28, 2011

A hare-raising experience

As I think I've mentioned, one of the first bags I gave Hazel contained a rabbit and gnocchi; she produced a beautiful lapin au riesling which was superbly matched by the creamy gnocchi. I had been thinking for a while that I should get her a bunny again, but then I thought that a bigger and wilder bunny would be more of a dare. She had also said she wanted to make a dessert, so to be really nice to her, I got her small and large choux, prickly pear, kiwi, bay leaf, tarragon and juniper berries. I hare you to cook something nice out of that, darling!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

But I hake gherkins......

I felt like eating fish tonight, so went on an expedition to the excellent Hasymar fishmonger on Rue Malibran. The main criteria for my purchase was the ugliness of the poor fish's face, and I went for merlu (hake/kummel), with some lovely tiger prawns for good measure. The greengrocer next door had some unusual seasonal produce in, and I bought a few things to test Henrik's knowledge of exotic fruits (he did quite well, although I can confirm that the google search "pear which looks like an artichoke" did figure).  Amongst the fruit and veg was a fresh gherkin - something of a contradiction in terms, I agree. I really don't like gherkins, so I will be very interested to see what he does with it (polite answers only, please).
So, in the mystery box tonight we have: hake, tiger prawns, parsley, mint, cress, swiss chard, tomatoes, vermicelli noodles, fresh gherkin, sharon fruit, custard apple (cherimoya) and some marzipan. Looking forward to seeing the results!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Going back to my roots

Last time Hazel cooked I gave her Lenny the Lobster, a live young fellow of almost as kilo. I thought that this time I should be nice and give her something more in her comfort zone: lamb. Hazel’s dad is a farmer and he rears cows and sheep (seems to be a lot about him on this blog, and as I didn’t tell you if he liked my grouse last time, I can now reveal that he said that it was ‘nee so bad’ and finished his plate). I also made an excursion earlier in the day to a local market where you can find quite some good produce — you just have to skip the people who resell things they have bought at Carrefour. In any event, I found a nice set of lilac daikon, yellow parsnip, parsley root, stripy aubergine and yellow beetroot there. Don’t tell me, darling, that I didn’t take you back to your roots (link to soundtrack).

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nuts about you


Today, Hazel told me specifically that she did not want a bag so I just picked up some food at random when passing the super market. My mother used to bake chestnuts in the oven and we would eat them with butter, and she would talk about when she and my father had eaten chestnuts with butter in Paris before my brother and me were born. I couldn’t help buying some. Back home, Hazel said she wanted to cook, but not something for the blog. Well, I’ll put the ingredients I gave her up here, and then we’ll see if she is proud enough of the result to let you in on it. 


As regular followers will know, we were in Scotland last week, so I hadn't cooked in a while and thought I might need to work myself up to a mystery box for public consumption. Henrik clearly had other ideas, tho, and had been angling since we got back to get back to business.