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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It really got my goat.

This wasn't really a traditional mystery box: I cooked two nights in a row, and couldn't be bothered to cook again, so I made Henrik a mystery box from the fridge to encourage him to get going (ladies, I can confirm that this rather underhand tactic works every time...). We don't normally have smoked goat in there either, but Henrik had in fact bought it himself in Anderlecht yesterday. The rest of the mystery box consisted of aubergine, courgette, mange-tout, parsley, spring onions, red chillis and some more of those small white turnips. Good luck, alskling!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sardines in September

This is the first bag of food in a while. Hazel asked me to buy her one for yesterday, but we had lunch at some friends' who cook lovely food aplenty. I left it for today. What did I buy? In the past I've bought her rabbit, quail, monsters, monkfish and organic entrecote (I think, not all has ended up here, and especially when it comes to the rabbit in Riesling, that's a pity). So I though: more meat than fish and bought sardines, parsnips, fennel, carrots, lemon, spring onion, mint, parsley and creme fraiche. Good luck, my love.