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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monkfish a la Blanc

The lovely Henrik has yet to post an update of his meal last Sunday, so to shame him into action, here is a report of my mystery box this evening. The implemention of the rule that the mystery box should provide dinner for Magnus as well as us was a bit undermined this evening - the boy got hungrier and hungrier waiting for Henrik to come back from the shops, so I had to root around and make some dinner of what was lurking in the fridge in advance (a vegetable stew of onion, red and green peppers, aubergine and potato). The slight breaking of the rule (due, it appeared, to Henrik stopping off for drinks with the dashing Damiao Chaves) was heartily welcomed by Magnus, in any event.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monsters in Megève

The known challenge of last night's mystery box (to get a bit Rumsfeldian) was cooking for 9 adults plus Magnus in a chalet kitchen. The known unknown was what Henrik was going to buy as the challenge. The unknown unknown was what kind of ugly full of bones fish he would have bought, and how in the world to cook it...........

Before I get into the full terror of all that, I should mention that I had the best croque madame ever in the Chalet des Marmottes restaurant at Les Saisies. On French Masterchef last week, one of the challenges for the contestants was to create Parisian street food, including croque monsieur. One of the contestants produced the bad kind of croque - two very lightly toasted slices of bread with some cheese and ham between. The other produced a mouthwatering bubbling cheese-topped concoction where all the ingredients had been cooked perfectly before assembly, and then finished off under the grill. Yesterday's croque was of the second kind, just perfect. The fact that of the two options, frites or salad, I had chosen salad, but that they gave me both (the frites being home chopped and freshly fried), was an added bonus.